Be My Valentine

One of the fun things about having a bazillion photographs on my computer is that I can then use said photographs to design things.

This past week I’ve been having a ton of fun designing Valentines for kids to hand out to their classmates. Nothing against Sponge Bob, but he’s got nothing on these cutie pies (click on pics to see larger):

Splitting Hairs

I spend a lot of time doing “photography stuff”. Like too much time. Hours and hours and hours and hours.  So much so that during “busy season” I literally sustained a “mousing injury”. Yes – an injury from too much mousing. Lord help me, that makes me feel old and nerdy.

The thing is, as much time as I pour into photography, there is still so much to do.  I’m convinced that there is actually an infinite amount of time that I could spend on it. I am limited only by the need to sleep, spend time with my family, and handle my other grown up responsibilities (such as cleaning the bathroom).

I split my time between shooting (actually using my camera), editing (every image gets edited in Photoshop – which is very time-consuming), learning (it is very necessary to invest time reading LOTS about photography, Photoshop, lighting, my camera, as well as time practicing techniques), and working on business stuff (dreaming up promotions, advertising, getting the studio in order, building client databases, keeping track of all the pennies coming in and going out, tax ID numbers, signage, websites, photo hosting sites, ahhh!).

The money is also split between what I need to pay the bills (rent, utilities, etc), what I need for the studio (props, furniture, decor), and what I need for equipment (a new lens, a lighting set up, flashes, software programs, baby hats, blankets).

Sometimes I have to ask myself if I am insane.  Why in the world do I do all this?

The answer, I suppose, is because I love it.