It Takes A Village

On Sunday I was tickled to host my good friend and photography mentor, Audra Bayette at the studio.

Audra is primarily a wedding photographer, and since weddings are sort of “out of season” in February,  she is enjoying her downtime by doing some fun photography projects.  On Sunday she was shooting a series of kids and their toys. Just for kicks.

Before anyone arrived, we experimented with fill lighting in the studio. It was so fun to just “play photography”. Playing = learning, and learning how to manipulate light is key to becoming a better photographer. (btw, I would have never been able to take this backlit shot without Audra flipping my camera into manual and forcing me to keep in there).

However, my favorite part about having Audra come by the studio was getting to watch her shoot. I rarely get to see other photographers do their thang.  

I found it validating to see that I’m not the only crazy one chasing around 2-year olds.

This is a pull-back shot from a pretty typical photo shoot.  You’ve got your photographer on her knees (I am so getting knee pads), you have the dad on his back trying to help without getting in the way, you have the mom watching from the sidelines (probably praying), and of course, you have the star of the show – an energetic two-year-old who is really all about having a good time and could care less that you are trying to capture memories that she’ll treasure years down the road.

Sometimes it takes a village.

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