Finishing Strong

Photo shoots are less of an event than they are a process.  Families spend time planning the session, coordinating clothing, strategically scheduling meals and naps, getting hair done, putting on make-up, and more.  The photographer plans poses, thinks through locations, checks the weather, thinks about daylight and optimal time for the family to be shot.

During the actual shoot the family tries to keep everyone in line and obedient to the photographers suggestions.  (The families I shoot are awesome at this).

After the shoot, the family often heads out for a goodie (whatever they used to bribe the little ones with) and the photographer goes off to download and sort through 200+ pictures from the shoot. Then she carefully edits the 20-50 best images and places them in a gallery for viewing.

The family then views the gallery and agonizes about which photos to buy (usually they love them all and can’t decide which one goes on the mantel). Then they need to think through what size frame grandma has and which picture they think she’ll like best.  Then there is the question of “finishes”. What the heck is the difference between lustre and metallic anyway?

This is where most people freeze.

Choosing prints is difficult, but it’ll be okay. I promise.  Here is some help:

Smugmug has these great video clips describing the difference between lustre and metallic.  We also have several examples of each in the studio, so feel free to contact us and we will gladly show you the difference.

The important thing about a photo shoot is to finish strong.  We both go through a lot of effort to get your photographs right.  Be sure to order your favorite prints.  Remember that galleries only stay on Smugmug for two weeks.  If you absolutely need more time, please contact your photographer for an extension.