Where in the Facebook World are you? | Southern Maine Photographer

Many people have contacted me to ask if Mercy Street Studio is still on Facebook or why we never post anymore. We are as active as always. Unfortunately Facebook has changed the amount business status updates show in feeds. If you do not consistently “like” or “comment” on our individual posts, Facebook’s algorithm assumes you no longer wish to receive them in your feed. Boo.

Try these tricks so you don’t miss our photography, events, discounts and more:

1. Interact more on our page. Comment on our posts, respond to our questions, and “like” or “share” things we post when appropriate.

2. Make sure you select “Show In News Feed.”

3. Add us to a “list” that you check frequently. You can create a list called “favorites” or and add us there.  Then check it a few times a day.

4. You can bookmark our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/mercystreetstudio) and visit directly.

Thanks friends!  I’ll see you on “the book”.