Around the way

After shooting all over the seacoast during the busy summer/fall season, I’ve found that my new favorite place to shoot is actually right under my nose.  I’m having a blast exploring all the little nooks and crannies that lay just beneath the surface of Sobo’s rich historical downtown.

The studio seems to be strategically located at the nexus of where urban meets rustic. I call it my photography playground.:

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When I first mention shooting outside the studio, folks who know downtown Sobo seem a bit perplexed.  I can see it on their faces, they can’t visualize where we are going to be.  Like is the post office going to be in the background?  But they trust.  ..and once we start walking and snapping away, they’re believers. The outside studio offers so many wonderful backdrops that I can provide a gallery of 30 truly unique images. Not only that, but having the added convenience of the studio close by provides privacy for clothing changes.

I heart the studio.