Our Family Photo Shoot – Part II

Talk about a dramatic pause.

It’s been almost a year since I posted part I of our Family Photo Shoot saga. I figured I’d return to let you all know that we, in fact, survived.  I see that no one sent a search party out for looking for me when I went missing, but hey..I’m not taking it personal.

Whatever haters.

We did actually survive. Amaya did end up in the emergency room getting her earring back removed, but then again, what do you care, it’s not like you were calling the local hospitals to see if I were there..ahem.

I’m moving on now.

The shoot was actually super fun. I loved the experience of getting photographed as a family. It gave me a new appreciation of why people hire me to take their family pictures. It’s an awesome, bonding, family experience. Even my hubs agreed that it was a good time.

But the best part was yet to come.  The actual photographs.  As soon as I got home I uploaded the pics of Megs’ family and we immediately began texting each other screen shots of each others families with unbridled excitement. We were thrilled for ourselves and for each other. I’m convinced that the level of photo-bliss experienced that evening, can only be shared by two photographers.

A year later, the photos from that day adorn our home, my facebook avatar, screensavers, my hub’s iphone wallpaper, his workplace bulletin board, our Christmas card, our sponsor son’s orphanage wall. They are the gift that keeps on giving.


Next to my desk, I have a 16″x24″ Canvas. Note that one out of six of us is looking directly at the camera (and she’s not suppose to be). No one is smiling. No one is saying cheese. It’s my favorite photograph (of my family) ever.


On my desk – a 4×6. We are playing nice nice in this one.


…and to round out my desk, on the right, an 11×14 print of the kids. I am literally surrounded by images from this photo shoot all day. erry day.


In the living room – a 4×6 B&W of the two lovebirds who started it all. I think it’s good for the kids to see pics of their parents being a couple. I’m weird like that. I haven’t observed any of them using this particular image as their wallpaper on their ipads/pods – but that’s cool. The paper version on the coffee table works. I’m hitting them with it old school style, like BAM. In yo face.


The upstairs hallway needed some love, so I hung an 11×14 print there. There is motion in this shot – we are giggling, Avery is acting silly. It’s us, yet slightly dignified.
Blog-6..and then there are the prints – the ones given to grandparents that are proudly displayed in their homes. The ones sent into school when a project calls for “a family picture”, the ones I keep tucked away for the memory books.

Megs and I have been talking about doing another shoot for the last 10 months – we so intended to do spring pictures, summer pictures, fall pictures.  But alas, here we are back in November, looking for dates on our crazy calendars.

Step one: procrastination. Complete.