Mini Me

Approximately 7,452,907 times a year I get asked the question, “what’s the difference between a mini session and a full session?”.  It’s a great and very valid question, one that I would ask myself if I were considering photoshoot options. Instead of answering it 7,452,907 times, I figured I’d answer it here on the blog so that we can all be on the same page.

A mini-session is a shorter photoshoot session. Mini-sessions typically last 10 – 20 minutes (depending on the type of session). They are offered several times throughout the year on dates and at locations that we choose. Mini-sessions are budget-friendly, and a great option for those who wish to have photos taken several times per year. Minis have their own terms, most of our mini-sessions include 6 digital images and a print release. However, the terms may change depending on the season and type of session being offered. Our standard mini-session is currently $185 for a 15-minute session that includes 6 high resolution digital images.

NH Seacoast Photographer

Family Orchard Mini Session w/Lynn

A full session is a 50-60 minute session on a date and location of your choosing (we will help you choose a location based on your preferences). A full session yields an online gallery of 25+ images which you can then purchase as digital files (with a print release) or as prints. Your images are placed online, in a password-protected gallery which you can view from home or smartphone. You can also forward your gallery to other family members so they can view and purchase images as well. The session fee for a full photoshoot is currently $159. In addition to the session fee, our clients typically spend $250-$400 on their prints or digital images.

NH Seacoast Family Photographer

Family Lifestyle Beach (Full) Session w/Lynn


Mini-sessions are quick and painless for those who don’t LOVE getting photographed (toddlers, teen boys, some husbands, cough..including my own). Minis are easy in, easy out. They are also “all inclusive”, you don’t have to pour through 25 images trying to figure out which ones you like best. You tell me what you want when you arrive (ie: 2 family shots, one of just the kids, one of each of them, and one of us). Boom. That’s what I shoot and that’s what you get. Easy. Minis include the digital images so you can get them printed on your own. If you want professional prints from our gallery, you can purchase them at 50% off. Minis are also budget-friendly, they enable many of our clients to get professional photographs several times per year.



Southern Maine Family Photographer

Studio Toddler Mini Session w/Erin

Full sessions tend to be more relaxed, more of an “experience”. We walk, we talk, we giggle. You tell me embarrassing stories about your kids and I capture it all with my camera. The photoshoot itself can become a fun family memory. We have time to stop and play, to give breaks to toddlers, to run around and take a few artsy or detail photos. Since the galleries are larger, you can choose photos you like, which may not be my favorite (my own personal favorite photos of my family depict us laughing, they may not have been the ones the photographer chose for me). With full sessions, you also get to choose the date and location of your session.

Maine Family Photographer

Fall Family (Full) Session w/Erin

Schlussier (32 of 33)

Fall Senior Portrait (Full) Session w/Erin


Basically, the opposite of the above pros. Okay, all this negativity is a downer.

Let’s end this with something cute.

Best Maine Family Photographer



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