Maine Family Photographer | The Roys

I just finished up Griffin’s first year gallery and moved his folder of images from my desktop to my external storage drive. Sigh…he’s all grown up. I get sort of nostalgic about my clients, often peaking into all their file folders to look at the journey we’ve taken together.

The Roys came in for a maternity mini-session last January.

Best Family Photographer Seacoast 1

Pretty darn cute, right?

Best Maternity Photographer Maine 2

Even her belly was cute.

Then a few short months later I was meeting their little guy.

Best Newborn Photographer Maine 3

I had to coax him to sleep a little bit, but as soon as I started telling him stories about my childhood, and he was out cold.

Six months later things had changed quite.a.bit.

Best Baby Photographer ME 4

He was silly and smiley and ready for me to act insane in order to get his attention and affections.

And then it inevitably came, as birthdays have a tendency to do…the big ONE.

Best Family Photographer 5

And for nostalgia’s sake, dad wore the same sweater that he wore to the maternity session. I love that so much.

Best Maine Photographer 6

But everything else had changed so much. In just one year. How does that even happen?

7 Best Baby Photographer Maine

The first year of a person’s life is incredible. I will forever be in awe of it and thankful for the opportunity I have to capture those monumental changes and milestones.