Sports Photography

This winter I offered a special kind of session, Athlete Minis. In my dreams I envisioned Steph Curry knocking on the studio door for some fresh portraits. I mean, that totally could’ve happened. And if it had, he would’ve gotten a bangin’ deal.

Instead, a handful of people, representing several different sports, at all different levels and ages, trickled in for photos over the last three months. I don’t mean for that to sound like a downer, it was actually quite awesome. I mean, it wasn’t Steph Curry awesome, but it was like one teeny tiny baby step below Steph Curry on the awesome spectrum.

Pretty much.

I really loved hearing the stories of passion and commitment these young athletes have for their sport(s). When you’re an athlete as a kid, sports are very much a part of your identity. It’s where you spend your time (and your parents dime) – I made a rhyme. Okay I’ll stop.


To be completely honest, this guy wasn’t all that interested in having his picture taken. He’s nine. He’s a boy. It’s in the DNA, I do not take it personally. If I did, I wouldn’t be on speaking terms with anyone in my house. I digress. Within 30 seconds, he realized I was better than the dentist; he didn’t have to smile, he got to wear his uniform and do (or at least pretend to do) what he loves. By the end of the session (which took about 12 minutes) I was telling him not to smile…I think that means he was having fun.

I’m 100% certain that both he and his parents will be thankful to have these pictures in the years to come. One hundred percent.


I am also thankful to have had high school athletes in the studio as well. If you could dissect a high school athlete (not recommended) you’d find the blood, sweat, and tears of their parents. I have enough kids in enough sports to know. I also have mismatched crockpot lids that tell stories of being plugged into the wall sockets of every elementary, middle, and high school in my community.

High school AAU athletes don’t just happen during junior year, they are years and years in the making. If these pictures could talk, they’d tell stories of her mom tossing a winter coat over her pjs as she heads out at 9pm in 2 degree temps to pick her up from practice, or traveling across two states for a game…in the snow, or the time she was 12 and hit the ground hard, but got up and played on while holding in tears…and how her dad grumbled a little too loudly because there was no foul called. Oh the stories these photos would tell.

Okay. I’m getting teary. Lol. I may just be a little too close to this sport to write about it.

Let’s look at something cute before this gets awkward:

ssSmithK2-13bI Ahh. I feel better already. She’s a lot of ham, this one.

I don’t really know where this post is going. I suppose I’m just feeling thankful for the opportunity to capture this part of life. It’s the middle years of a child’s life that are often neglected when it comes to photography. People tend to be really good at capturing milestones when kids are babies, but then the child, tween, and teen years sort of slip by. I’m guilty of it myself. Writing this post has helped me resolve to drag my babies in the studio for a formal sports photo.

The Athlete Mini-Sessions will go away on March 30th. If you’re interested in getting your child photographed, don’t delay. You can register here today. And Also, Steph Curry, there’s still like two more weeks, just sayin’.