Seacoast Senior Portrait Photographer

I’m so excited to announce our Senior Portrait Scholarship Program. Like little kid at Christmas excited.

When I’m out photographing seniors I inevitably run into other seniors getting photographed at locations I’m at with my clients. Which is so totally cool. I know and love so many of the photographers in our area. I also run into seniors who are getting photographed by their friends, parents, uncles, and their mom’s friend who owns a “fancy camera”. This makes me a little bit sad.

Actually, if I’m honest, it makes me a lot sad.


Maybe because my wedding was photographed by “my mom’s friend who owns a fancy camera” and the pictures were a huge disaster and to this day I have no real wedding pictures. There’s a scar there.

Or maybe it’s because I catch the look of embarrassment on the girl who is being photographed by her uncle while her friend is getting a professional experience.

Or maybe it’s just because I know that the senior portrait experience is about waaaaaaay more than getting a picture decent enough for the yearbook. In fact, I tell my clients straight up that I don’t shoot for the yearbook. I mean, we get the yearbook shot, but I shoot for the mantle. The pictures that make you feel amazing and beautiful and that capture your soul and celebrates you – that’s what I shoot.

wpPLT April 2016-47

The raw truth, if you want to hear it, is that the images captured by friends and well meaning hobbyists with “nice cameras” are not very good. I know because I see them in my Facebook newsfeed. I don’t live under a rock. And as a professional photographer I am aptly qualified to assess the technical aspects of a photograph. Not only that, but the experience isn’t very special. There’s nothing super special about friends taking pictures of each other – because kids do that every day. There’s also nothing super special about your mom’s friend “practicing” on you. These are your senior portraits. IT’S SHOWTIME! Game. On. People.

wpSchlussier (2 of 33)

I don’t say this to shame people or to make well-meaning hobbyists feel bad. I was there once; I was that person taking pictures of friends kids for free. The world needs you and there are enough photography moments to be shared by everyone who has a camera. Truly. I’m also not trying to guilt anyone into hiring me for senior pictures, my business thrives by the grace of God and I’m grateful for that. I say this because as a professional photographer, I believe in professional photography. Not surprising, right? When I get my family’s photos taken, I call a professional photographer, because I know that the photos and the experience is going to be wonderful. I don’t call my friends to take our family pictures because I know the photos are going to um..suck. (Sorry friends, you know I love you).

The only logical explanation for allowing an amateur to photograph something as important as your senior portraits is cost. There is no shame in trying to save a buck. Senior year is crunch time, maybe you worked all summer to pay for college applications, or maybe you’re still paying off your prom dress, I’m not sure, but money can be tight. And that’s hard. I get that.

THAT is the heart behind our senior portrait scholarship program.

This program for high school juniors who wish to have a bang up senior portrait experience, including pro hair & makeup (provided by The Crown), & a styled wardrobe (provided by Pretty Little Things), but do not have the means to do so. This program is meant to be a blessing to five local students (one from 5 local area high schools).

These sessions will take place in June 2016. One student will be awarded per High School.

The application deadline is MAY 15, apply here today!


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