The (Not) Naked Truth | NH Boudoir Photography

Hellloo! This is Lynn and Im so excited to be writing my first blogpost for the studio! I thought I’d kick of my blogging career with a bang and tell you about my ‘near naked photography experience’. Here’s a little bit about me–I’m a wife, and a Mom, a sippy cup and snack dispenser, and a photographer. Much like you probably think about yourself– I’m not ‘THAT type of girl’ who would have photos taken of herself. I decided to start offering Boudoir photography as a way for  women just like me (who live in their yoga pants, even when not engaging in yoga 🙂 ) to feel beautiful and feminine.  I wanted to share MY personal experience of having my own photos taken so you can see that I DEFINITELY understand your reservations! But I know that boudoir photography can bring out the glamorous and playful side to a woman that can somedays feel hidden or lost. So here is my story…
In hindsight I should have been more nervous. But I was just looking at it as a fun afternoon in the city the with one of my girlfriends. We were going to have lunch, explore a mall that had more than four stores, (no offense Fox Run) and just in general have a fun girls day out. There was also that TEENY little matter of posing for a stranger in my underwear. Did I forget to mention that? Yeaahhh…ok let me back up.

So about 9  years ago most of my friends were either engaged or newly married and a few of them had decided to have boudoir photos taken as a wedding gift to their new husbands. I had actually already been married for a while but figured I’d go ahead and get them done too. Maybe I would gift him the ‘Little Black Book’ of photos as an anniversary present, or a ‘just because’ present? And worst case, if I didn’t like the photos he’d never have to know about it.
I had convinced a brave friend to have the photos done too, and so we booked a date and marked it on the calendar. Naturally as soon as I put the date in my calendar (in red and all CAPS) I IMMEDIATELY put down the bag of chips and swore off carbs. It was going to be protein shakes and hard gym workouts from then until the day of the photo shoot! BUT! It was summer, and the decks in Portsmouth were open so there were apres work drinks and apps to be had. And I had so much on the DVR to catch up on each night. And, And, And…So as life would have it, the day of my much anticipated photo shoot arrived without me having done so much as one single push up or crunch. (unless crunching on potato chips counted, and in that case there were many crunches HAHA!)
So myself, and my friend that I had recruited to come, packed up our mini suitcases full of ‘unmentionables’ and hit the road for Boston. We both definitely overpacked; I mean really, just how many stilettos can a person wear for an hour long photo shoot?! We were both a little nervous that we’d get into an accident and have to explain why my backseat looked like a mobile Victorias Secret.
Our photo session was taking place at a big hotel in Cambridge that was attached to a mall. Since we arrived early for our session we wandered around the mall for a bit, had a bite of Taco Bell at the food court (because you should FOR SURE eat Taco Bell before a boudoir photo shoot) and then headed to the room we were supposed to meet in. The photographer we were using ran ‘marathon sessions’ where she would book the room and then photograph 5 or 6 girls in one day. I actually knew the girl who’s appointment came before mine, and the two girls after me also so it was a very fun and casual atmosphere given the situation we were in 🙂
I had debated on if I wanted to have my hair and makeup done by the professional that our photographer used and I’m SO GLAD I did. I’m a ponytail and chapstick type and know that for photos you need to kick it up a notch. I still had a very minimal makeup look, but it was way more polished than my hair claw and strawberry Lip Smackers would have brought to the table. I felt so much more ‘camera ready’ and relaxed after my hour with the hair and makeup artist.
I headed out of hair and makeup to go ‘slip into something more uncomfortable’ haha! There is no way to make those first few minutes sound easy. They weren’t! You’re supposed to picture your audience in their underwear when you’re nervous, but thats hard to do when YOU are the one in your underwear! I felt a little weird and a lot exposed in front of the photographer, but honestly we started moving around so quickly that my fears slipped away before I could stress about it too much. Before I knew it she had me laughing, and posing and arching (OH the arching!!!) and the hour of taking photos absolutely FLEW by. After my friends session and we packed up our 400 pairs of stilettos, we headed back home. We had booked our appointment for a Sunday afternoon, but with all that fancy hair and makeup I wish the appointment had been on a Saturday night so we could have hit the town after and got a little more use out of it!
The wait for the images to be sent to me was crazy long. I think I waited about 4 years to get them back from the photographer (ok it only felt like 4 years) but I was so excited/anxious/nervous to see them that the days dragged and I checked my email obsessively. When that email finally did arrive the photos did not disappoint. I think honestly that I had so much fun during the session (once I put my fears aside) that I loved the photos that much more because I LOOKED like I was having fun.
When I think back on that whole day and time now 9 years later, I am so happy that I did it. I am glad I didn’t let a few bags of chips, and my own silly insecurities, stop me from doing something fun and daring (and a little naughty :). Life isn’t about looking perfect (although my hair and makeup were ON POINT that day!) Its about experiences and how they make you FEEL. When I look at the pictures in that little book I gave my husband, I remember how much fun I had, and how I looked pretty darn good that day! I also remember the look on my husbands face as he looked through the book..and that was pretty darn good too 🙂

untitled-215-2What good is a long story like this if I don’t include a picture? This isn’t an image of me, but it is one that I took at a recent session. What are you waiting for? Spoil yourself (and maybe someone special :)) with some beautiful photos of you!!!





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