NH Family Photographer | Richardson Family

One of the best things about photographing families is getting to know people on a deeper level. You don’t really know someone until you’ve seen them with their tribe.

bgRichardson-2Leah and I run in the same circles: church circles, photography circles and exercise circles.  We are probably at only like 2 degrees of separation, out of seven.


But I have only met her family on one other occasion, years ago. So although I have worked with Leah, had coffee with her, and taken her zumba class, seeing her with her people was a special honor.


And her people are quite awesome.


And the love. The love they have for one another just pours out.  It’s really unique and beautiful.



And this one. Well, she’s an old soul. I kept trying to figure out what is was about her that I connected with. Finally, I asked, “Is she an artist?”.


Of course, the answer was yes. Fourteen on the outside, but she’s got depth beyond her years.

bgRichardson-21Thank you Leah for sharing your people with me. I loved every minute of your session.  (Particularly your Halloween Family Photo – not included here, ahem) 😉



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