NH Maternity Photographer | The Doucettes (featuring Charlie David :)

Hi friends! This is Lynn checking in again! I had the pleasure of photographing the sweetest family on one sunny day in mid May. When I found out we were going to do some photos in the studio, and then also outside, I was excited we would be taking a lot of pictures! I knew the Mom-to-be would be bringing along her husband and their son, and I love chatting with soon-to-be-older-siblings about the baby on the way!

Chelsey had won 1st place in Mercy Street Studio’s 2015 Photo of the Year contest so I had already seen a picture of her little guy, and knew he was a cutie. When they walked into the studio I said hello and asked him his name. He didn’t miss a beat when he replied ‘Charlie David’, which Chelsey explained was his first and middle name. Now, any 3 year old who introduces himself with his first AND middle names has my full attention!  We got right to work taking some photos of the whole family, and Charlie was a very willing stand in while Chelsey changed into our maternity gowns. What a little ham!COLLAGE3.jpg


We moved outside to a sunny, but windy day. They all were great sports about the temperature being still a little chilly. I think Charlie actually thought it was pretty funny that it was cold out and that we didn’t make him wear a coat! Fortunately, halfway through our outdoor photos the wind died down and it felt like the temperature rose 10 degrees!


I feel so lucky that I was able to capture this special time in their lives before they became a family of 4! Erin has since taken newborn photos of their sweet baby girl and she is the perfect addition to this fun family.

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