NH Family Photographer | Rae Family

Erin and I were contacted by a Mom who wanted to do a family session with her husband and two young children. Pretty standard request, BUT Mom also wanted to have some photos taken of her daughter in her wedding gown! I I was so excited at the idea of doing this! What little girl doesn’t LOVE to play dress up and what could be more fun to dress up in than a wedding gown!

The session took place in Portsmouth on a clear cool evening. The sun was bright and it felt good to get out in the fresh air. Once the family arrived we starting taking some family photos, and because their children were just about the same age as my own kids, it felt so familiar and fun to be photographing them. I had been chatting with Dad when they had arrived about the family’s busy schedule, and how the past week had been particularly busy and hectic. It was so nice to see this family play and laugh and reconnect.


As I mentioned I have two children just about the same age as these two cuties, so Im pretty familiar with how siblings can be together. 🙂 Well, I have to tell you that I have NEVER seen a brother and sister get along so well. From the first second they got out of the car they were always walking together, or holding hands; when one of them would run ahead of the other, they would instinctively turn to see where the other one was! It was really such a sweet relationship to watch and I hope that it continues to grow and flourish as they get older!


And finally it was time to pull out THE DRESS!!!! I think I was channeling my inner (former) bride, because not only was I so excited to see that sweet little girl in her moms wedding dress, but this whole thing REALLY made me want to pull out my old gown again!

Since it was so long on her, pretty much once we got her into it, we just kept her in the same place LOL! We had some fun with a little make shift bouquet and some rose petals to toss….SO much fun!


Thank you for allowing me to play a part in such a fun moment. I won’t divulge if I actually pulled my own wedding gown out the following day (a’la that Friends episode we’ve probably all seen) but I will say that SOMEHOW I now know that watching TV feels fancier when you are wearing a wedding gown and veil! 🙂  I will leave you with one final photo that I just found so sweet…some day, MANY years from now I have a feeling that this great Dad will be just as attendant to his beautiful daughter in her OWN wedding gown.