My work at home space.

I’m not a tv watcher, by any means, but occasionally if I head to bed before my husband and find myself in control of the remote, I flip to the home channel. 100% of the time. There’s just something about peaking into someone else’s space that’s enjoyable. So I thought I’d share my space.

Home Office-14Not the whole house. God forbid. I don’t have the energy to tidy up more than my little nook. But this is where I do the darn thing. 8,10,12,14 hours a day. If my kids ever came home and found me on the couch or in another part of the house, questions would be asked, like “why are you over here?”.

Home Office-7

Because I spend so much time here, it’s filled with things that make me happy, like scripture, photos of my family, candy, and things from the $3 section at Target (like my hello! sign).

Home Office-6

I also have two camera collections flowing out of this space, one for vintage toy cameras and one for real cameras.

Home Office-3

The antique cameras are special to me because, for the most part, they are gifts from my husband, and they’re not the kind of gift you can just pick up from the mall on Christmas eve. You gotta work for these. And not a Christmas goes by without a new (old) camera for me. It’s very sweet. The other reason I love these antique cameras so much is because it links me to the rich history of photography. It truly makes me appreciate the art of photography. When I see old photographs I make the connection that they were taken with 15 minute exposures and on glass plates, and with equipment that was beyond challenging to operate. Gosh we have it easy.

Home Office-4

The other thing you’ll find in my space is ART. I LOVE ART. Most of the art in my space is from my daughter Amaya, but I also feature many other artists, such as drawing from Lynn’s daughter, Hadley, a Lego camera from a friend’s son, a piece of pottery from my son’s best friend, and several finds from various Etsy artists. The gorgeous painting above the chair, entitled “Eve” by my favorite artist Stephen Godlieb . I try to get at least one new piece from him every year. He is so talented. Ohmyword, if you love art, check him out.

Home Office-13

Then there’s the beast. My desk.

Home Office-10

..with all her signs, paper mache flowers, and zou zou pets…

Home Office-11

..and candy, and teeth, and toys.  The “Stop Working” sign is a reminder for me to stop working because I need to be reminded sometimes. I should get another one that says, “Go do something fun” because..true confessions…I have to force myself to put work aside to go do something fun. The paint swatch is the future color of this little’s been there for 2 years. uhh ..back to the desk..

Home Office-9

..and a heart rock (I LOVE heart rocks!), a picture of the fam, a camera business card holder that the sweetest client gave me (she also gave me the JOY letters), and of course, a unicorn to keep watch over all me and all my happy little knick knacks.

Home Office-15

And a pull back of my little space..

Home Office-16

Sometimes when I’m editing late at night, my son and his friend will come up and sit in those chairs and hang out and chat while I edit. Those times are precious to me. But don’t tell them I said so. 😉

Home Office-1

I do think the best part about my workspace is the fact that it’s in the heart of our home. Even though I work a lot, I am within earshot of my peeps. Actually, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the home channel, is that it’s all about location!





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