Maine Senior Portrait Photographer | Mal

If I used a paper calendar, Mallory’s senior portrait date would’ve been circled on it with a bright red marker, and the little box would’ve been filled with scribbled hearts, stars, flowers, and butterflies.

Nadeau2-2Because I love this girl.


And I love photographing her.

Maine Senior Portrait Photographer1

And I have been waiting for this day for oh….maybe five years.


Don’t get me wrong, I have photographed her many times over the last five years…

NH Senior Portrait Photographer

..and we’ve even been published in Modern Teen Style magazine together…


But senior portrait day is different, bigger, monumental.


and her session did not disappoint.

Best Maine Senior Portrait Photographer

Mal, you are a star.


Hair & Makeup: The Crown



Lexie and Josh| NH Engagement Photographer

I met up with Lexie and Josh on a beautiful summer night. They had wanted to have their engagement session at the marina where they keep their boat and I thought this was great. Their wedding is being held next August in Block Island, and boating and the water are a big part of their lives. I arrived at the marina and we headed down toward the docks. I assumed we’d do a few photos on the boat and then find a little spot up near the boat house for some more shots. Well, imagine my surprise when after I’d climbed into the boat Josh start to untie us! I quickly texted Erin that we were ON the boat—like out in the middle of the Piscataqua ON the boat, and she and I had a good laugh about that later.
Josh and Lexie are so easy to hang out with that I had to keep reminding myself I wasn’t just out on a boat cruise with some new friends—I had a job to do! We headed out toward the Prescott Park area and took some pictures of them just hanging out together enjoying the water and the scenery.Newbury Engagement 6.23.16-2Newbury Engagement 6.23.16-11 copy
I knew I wanted to get off the boat for a few minutes so we started driving around looking for a place to tie up. We managed to sweet talk one of the marinas into letting us park there for a few minutes. (Is that a boat term? Do you ‘park’ a boat?) Engagement sessions are among my favorites, and a couple like Lexie and Josh, who are playful and fun make the time fly by.Newbury Engagement 6.23.16-22 copy

Lexie copy

We had an absolutely gorgeous night, perfect weather with the kind of sunset that makes you wish it was summer all year long. Each time I said ‘Ok lets head back to the boat’, the sun kept giving us more and more gorgeous light, and I think I said ‘just one more picture’ probably 10 times!

Newbury Engagement 6.23.16-26 copy

Thank you Lexie and Josh for a truly fun night filled with a lot of laughs…next time I will bring the cheese and crackers 🙂 I wish you both a long and happy marriage!

Newbury Engagement 6.23.16-19

Tea Party Fashion Shoot

Once upon a time…


…in a land not so far away…

PLTJulyLR-31…four pretty strangers…


…gathered for an afternoon of tea…


…and confections…


…and games…


…and dress up…


..and maybe a few photos…


…the end.


Or was it just a dream.

Fashion: Pretty Little Things

Hair & Makeup: Oomph

Photography: Mercy Street Studio