A Rainbow-tastic Wedding

When I met with Emily and her mom about her wedding plans, I couldn’t contain my joy over her rainbow themed wedding. Rainbows are a promise from God, so needless to say, I am a HUGE fan of rainbows and color and all things happy. It was sort of meant to be that I would photograph the most rainbow-tasic day ever.

I photographed Emily’s sister’s wedding a few years prior, and it was such an honor to be a part of another monumental day for this family.


There are so many wonderful, unique details about Emily’s wedding, but probably the most touching was that she designed her own wedding dress and incorporated the lace from the sleeve of her mom’s dress and these 5 flowers from her mom’s dress.


Emily had also significantly altered the back of her dress to showcase her tattoos.

naples-wedding-32..and much to the dismay of the bridal shop (which I believe Emily enjoyed), Emily also made her dress t-length. I mean, how else was she going to show off her custom wedding Converse All-Stars?



Emily proudly wore a colorful neckless, which was the first piece of jewelry that Jeremy bought her, paired, of course, with the 2nd & 3rd pieces, her engagement ring and wedding band.


With one last squeeze from her four sisters, she was ready to venture off to meet her groom for their first look.


and the rest of the party..




and Jeremy’s best man earning that title..



And soon enough it was time to go and get married..


So off they ran..with some motivation

Emily’s mom and dad also got to have a special first look. Her mom knew that Emily had incorporated parts of her wedding dress into her own, but she had not seen the final design until this teary moment.


Friends and family gathered together and signed a tapestry for the bride & groom


Nieces walked down the isle with warning signs and a Pokemon


The ceremony incorporated a knot tying tradition, with a colorful rope that was woven by Emily & Jeremy.


Dancing happened..


..and donut-dinosaur cake smashing also happened


..and finally photos of husband and wife, alone together at last.





And THAT, friends, is how you pull of a rainbow, dinosaur, love-filled, wedding.





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