How I Got My Start| ME & NH Newborn Photographer

By Sarah York

Should I contact her?  No, I shouldn’t bother.  But I really want to!  Maybe just ask her to chat over coffee?  No, why would she want to chat with me!?  She’s like this super awesome, ridiculously amazing photographer.  Gaahhh!  But I really feel like I should!  No, I’m sure she’s too busy!  This is silly….

callnan-18That’s the back and forth argument I had with myself last spring.  Photography has long since been a passion of mine and thanks to my hubby gifting me a nice little DSLR (and my children being able to slightly fend for themselves for short stretches of time) I was really getting back into it.  Knowing I would need to head back to work in the next year or so, I was debating heading back to the social work field, in which I have my degree and a lot of experience, or taking a leap of faith and pursing something I love! I was asking daily which direction God wanted me to go.  I kept coming back to this notion of asking Erin to chat with me so I could pick her brain about how she went from mom with DSLR to pro-photographer extraordinaire!lumino23

Well, short story long… I finally just asked her to have coffee with me.  To my surprise, she quickly said yes!  (turns out it was her slow season and she REALLY is just a real, lovely, down to earth human being like the rest of us!)  It was great to hear her story and ask all of my questions.  At the end of our convo, she randomly blurted out, “Ya know I’m really looking to retire from my newborn photography.  I could mentor you and train you and then you could be my newborn photographer.”sprowl-22

I think I had a small stroke right there on the spot.  When I recovered from that,  inwardly I was leaping up onto my chair, fists clenched in the air, jumping up and down in true Tom Cruise, crazy person fashion.  Luckily, I kept my cool and said something like, “Wow, that sounds amazing.  I’ll pray on it and think about it.” (That’s totally made up.  I have no recollection of words that actually formed in my brain or came out of my mouth.)edit12

Later, Erin divulged to me that she had not planned to say that or make that offer to me but that the words kind of just fell out of her mouth.  NOT EXACTLY a super vote of confidence in me… but I totally didn’t care how it happened.  I was gonna run with it and super pray she didn’t ever come to regret it!   buck-14-of-27

I’ll spare you all of the crazy cool details that “just worked out” and “fell into place”(Nothing is coincidence in my view!).  The rest is pretty much history!  I started shadowing, then assisting, then taking some shots, quickly moving on to doing discounted practice shoots on my own with Erin assisting, and then to doing shoots on my own. What Erin and I thought would take a year or so’s time to accomplish has happened in a matter of months.  We’ve both said many times that God is in this and when He’s in it, its on His timetable, not ours!  It’s clear to me that I’ve found my passion.  But I’ll let you judge for yourself and let the pictures do the talking!  doucette-5


callnan-27I have to pinch myself from time to time when I think about how it all came to fruition and that I get to get paid for doing something that brings me so much joy!  If I’m fortunate enough to photograph your precious new bundle, know that it comes from a place of true gratitude and I count it as a true privilege!


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