StoryLand Fashion Shoot – NH Fashion Photographer

Once upon a time


Some pretty girls got together at StoryLand, NH’s most beloved theme park.


These girls were not ordinary,


not by any means.


They had been made up by Jo Louise Beauty


And their hair had been colored, curled, braided, teased, and combed by Oomph Salon


And they wore leading edge boutique fashion by Pretty Little Things.


Well…once the park closed, these girls decided to have a little fun.


They were a little bit naughty


and full of sugar, spice


and everything nice.


They got silly


and stood on tables


(I told you they were naughty)


In fact, they were also quite fierce.




..and Prince Charming, well, he wasn’t invited. It turns out these girls didn’t need him tagging along.



DTP Family Photoshoot | NH Family Photographer

Once in a while the people I talk to and text with on a daily basis, probably somewhat guilted by my presence in their lives, book photoshoots for themselves and their tribes. I work with Tanya at Oomph quite a bit, we collaborate on monthly fashion shoots together which results in us meeting up, texting, and visioneering a lot.


A few months ago she mentioned getting her tribe in front of my camera for a shoot and… forward….yesterday was that day.


I kinda couldn’t wait.


Because I know Tanya, I knew I could probably persuade her into a shoot in downtown Portsmouth. I secretly love shooting families in DTP.


Tanya sent me a text of her littlest guy making monster faces in the afternoon, he was practicing for the big photoshoot.


This inspired me to dust off my fisheye; which is non-stop fun.



The shoot was everything I dreamed it would be. Her little guys are so animated and fun, I couldn’t get enough of them.



And cute. Gosh they’re cute.



And Tanya sparkles around them in a way that was new to me.


My heart was full after this session.


Thank you Tanya, for sharing your amazing people with me.



(I think I wore the little one out) 😉



Whitney’s Ultimate Session | NH Senior Portrait Photographer

Our Ultimate Senior sessions are so fun because there is so much time built in the schedule, we can accommodate multiple locations and outfit changes.


Once Whitney finished up with hair and makeup, we started shooting at the studio.

Of course, I had to laugh at myself for pulling out the fan, way to “mess up” hair right in the beginning of a 2+ hour shoot!


But Whitney’s gorgeous hair held her curls, even through the wind.  After grabbing a handful of studio shots, we went outside the studio and grabbed some sweet urban shots before hopping in our cars and heading to our 3rd location, where we had planned to spend the bulk of our time.


It was a gorgeous fall day, the leaves were colorful and still hanging onto the trees.


And Whitney was so fun to pose, and those amazing blue eyes just popped in the light.


As the sun set, the lighting was so gorgeous against the vibrant fall colors.


And our location gave us so many posing and background options.


Before we knew it, the sun set behind the horizon and it was time to wrap up our session.


It was such a great night and Whitney totally rocked her session.


Fiona’s First Year | NH Newborn Photographer

Fiona’s mom works with some amazing people.

list-28Know how I know?

Because they pooled together and bought her a baby’s first year photography package for her baby shower.


Fiona’s mom and dad came to their newborn session with a full sized surf board, a dog, a whole lotta Michigan sports goodies, and a baby that wasn’t all that interested in sleeping.


Fiona did not want to miss a moment of her shoot. She was a strong baby, full of spunk. However, there were props to photograph her with…really cool ones…so I did my best baby whispering..and I literally begged her to let me take this surfboard photo.

Since Fiona was on our baby plan, we knew she’d be back in a few short months, so we decided that it would be cool to keep the surfboard at my studio and take pictures of her on it as the year went along.


However, Fiona wasn’t feeling it on the day of her 4 month session. Her mom had the cutest outfits and Etsy goodies, but teething is no joke, so we decided to give the day to her and have her come in a few days when she was feeling better.


And Fiona was on. Full of joy and ready to tackle the surfboard.


Though potentially skeptical (this girl has good instincts – I’m fairly certain she was trying to tell us that the board was backwards).


By the time Fiona’s eight month session rolled around, I found myself anticipating the wonderful props and outfits that her mom was sure to bring to the session. Of course, she did not disappoint.


And Fiona was so full of JOY…not to mention loads of Etsy cuteness.


And at eight months, she was now working the surfboard like a pro.


And last week we celebrated her one year!  She’s all grown up.


Well..not ALL grown up…


..but graduating..


and every graduation requires a cake. Right?


Although, Fiona preferred playing to eating cake.

For those who like to see things side by side, here’s Fiona’s surfboard progression, over the course of one year.


Isn’t she the cutest?

If you are interested in purchasing our baby session for someone you love (or like a lot), you can grab one here.


Kinsley |ME, NH, MA Newborn Photographer

I love when a family requests a certain something.  It causes me to pull out backdrops, blankets and props that I maybe otherwise wouldn’t have been inspired to pull that day, or that I haven’t even ever touched!


So when Kinsley’s family requested a re-creation of the shot we took of her big sister two years prior, of course we obliged!  We still had the white blankets and the sweet little crown. Mom held up her phone with the original picture as I posed this super sleepy girl and we absolutely pulled it off!  I can just picture the two images hanging side by side in their home and brings me such joy!


When I peeked at the back of my camera I was IN LOVE with this white backdrop that I normally NEVER use.  I couldn’t get enough and just kept oooing and ahhhing over it!

I used multiple color combos, different hats, headbands and wraps and they all looked AMAZING.  Of course, a gorgeous skinned, sleepy little love didn’t hurt either!  🙂

And it’s October so, of course, I had to turn her into a little pumpkin!



So thank-you for traveling from Massachusetts!  Thank-you for the opportunity to photography your sweet girls.  And thank-you  for the inspiration!  Its great to step outside of my own box and now I know I’ll be using that set up a lot more!


I do it for the snuggles!  ~Sarah