Kinsley |ME, NH, MA Newborn Photographer

I love when a family requests a certain something.  It causes me to pull out backdrops, blankets and props that I maybe otherwise wouldn’t have been inspired to pull that day, or that I haven’t even ever touched!


So when Kinsley’s family requested a re-creation of the shot we took of her big sister two years prior, of course we obliged!  We still had the white blankets and the sweet little crown. Mom held up her phone with the original picture as I posed this super sleepy girl and we absolutely pulled it off!  I can just picture the two images hanging side by side in their home and brings me such joy!


When I peeked at the back of my camera I was IN LOVE with this white backdrop that I normally NEVER use.  I couldn’t get enough and just kept oooing and ahhhing over it!

I used multiple color combos, different hats, headbands and wraps and they all looked AMAZING.  Of course, a gorgeous skinned, sleepy little love didn’t hurt either!  🙂

And it’s October so, of course, I had to turn her into a little pumpkin!



So thank-you for traveling from Massachusetts!  Thank-you for the opportunity to photography your sweet girls.  And thank-you  for the inspiration!  Its great to step outside of my own box and now I know I’ll be using that set up a lot more!


I do it for the snuggles!  ~Sarah