DTP Family Photoshoot | NH Family Photographer

Once in a while the people I talk to and text with on a daily basis, probably somewhat guilted by my presence in their lives, book photoshoots for themselves and their tribes. I work with Tanya at Oomph quite a bit, we collaborate on monthly fashion shoots together which results in us meeting up, texting, and visioneering a lot.


A few months ago she mentioned getting her tribe in front of my camera for a shoot and…..fast forward….yesterday was that day.


I kinda couldn’t wait.


Because I know Tanya, I knew I could probably persuade her into a shoot in downtown Portsmouth. I secretly love shooting families in DTP.


Tanya sent me a text of her littlest guy making monster faces in the afternoon, he was practicing for the big photoshoot.


This inspired me to dust off my fisheye; which is non-stop fun.



The shoot was everything I dreamed it would be. Her little guys are so animated and fun, I couldn’t get enough of them.



And cute. Gosh they’re cute.



And Tanya sparkles around them in a way that was new to me.


My heart was full after this session.


Thank you Tanya, for sharing your amazing people with me.



(I think I wore the little one out) 😉



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