Jovie| Maine Newborn Photography


jovieblog-2-of-9Do you know where Greenville, Maine is?  If not, google map that action. For those of you in Southern Maine you’ll think its in Northern Maine. Its not. Northern Maine is way further north. It is however far, far away from York County, where I live and work. But when you have a friend who is more like a sister…  and she lives there because she’s followed her fabulous hubby to the ends of the earth so he can be a forest ranger, keeping the remotest parts of our state safe… you go to her. Because, although people do travel some distances to come to our studio… a 4.5 hr drive (without a newborn and toddler in tow) is just a tad bit unreasonable don’t you think!?


And so, on a beautiful Saturday morning, I woke at 6:30am (which is how Tara knows I love her almost more than life itself) and traveled. I did thoroughly enjoy my child-free (read SILENT) drive through the glorious fall foliage. I improvised with Tara’s yogibo as my posing beanbag, natural light and different household backdrops. We worked without a heater, through Jovie’s fuss, her big brother’s toddler shenanigans, and all the other noises that come with a busy Saturday around the house. And I have to say… we got some beautiful shots!

Love you Sam & Tara… Finnamon & Jovie girl


xoxo ~Sarah