Kahlan| Maine Newborn Photographer

I felt so honored when I learned that Kahlan’s first venture out of the house with mom was to come see me!  Ohhhhh how I remember those first days/weeks… lets be honest, months… with a newborn.  Simultaneously the most wonderful, terrifying, exhilarating and exhausting moments of my life!


Please, new mamas, know that I’ve been there.  I get it.  I have such a love and compassion for the tender, precious, life altering phase that you are navigating right now, whether its your first child or your fifteenth! (Ok, I’ve never actually had a mom of 15 in the studio.) When you come to our studio you enter a judgement free zone!  Come as you are!  Take a nap on our bed!  Walk to the coffee shop below and grab yourself a treat that you DARN well deserve!  I pray the studio is a place of peace and joy for you and your family!

And I remember what a peaceful, delightful presence Kahlan and her mom had.  It filled the studio that morning and it was just a privilege to capture this sweet girl.  I think you can really feel that energy coming through in each photograph, don’t you?  mccluskey-blog-4





I do it for the snuggles.