Mason | Maine Newborn Photographer


mchenry-blog-15Courtney and I grew up in the same small town, went to the same schools, and played soccer together for more years than I can count.  I’m still not sure how we’re old enough to be moms…. of multiple children, have husbands and homes and careers that we’re passionate about.  But we are.  And we do.  I was so blessed to get the chance to photograph her beautiful family.


Maybe it’s because her children were, like, the best behaved children I’ve ever encountered.  Maybe there was HEAVY coaching that happened beforehand that I don’t know about.  Or maybe it’s just because Ted and Courtney are beautiful people inside and out that make beautiful babies inside and out… but I really couldn’t find a bad picture in ALL my shots.  Narrowing it down is always hard for me but this time it was darn near impossible.  You see what I mean?