Taking the Splash | Maine Senior Portrait Photographer

This past senior season was special for me. The class of 2017 is my son’s senior class, and I had the honor of photographing so many of his friends that I’ve watched grow up. A hugful (bigger than a handful, it’s not a thing, but we should make it one) of kids I photographed this year were from my son’s high school and had been in front of my camera before.


There was a special comfort level that we had with one another. One that allowed us to push the boundaries.


Living on the seacoast, means that there was almost always water around..


And that water called to us. Pretty much.


So we went to it…

..like into it.


and it was magical


and fun


and funny


and memorable


and unique.


and beautiful. Okay I’ll stop. But you get my point…it was an awesome way to end some of our summer sessions.


..and there was this one…who plays soccer..and isn’t afraid to get dirty …and her mom told me more than once that they were down for anything…so …well…some mud was involved..


and even one of our guys took a dip..


Thank you for braving goosepimples and indulging my imagination. You guys are the best, and never, ever disappoint!


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