NH Fresh 48 Photography | Ryan Family

By Lynn:

I met the Ryan family on a warm July afternoon. In the 3 days prior, I  had just photographed a surprise proposal, an engagement, and I figured I could round out the weekend by capturing  a brand new little life! I arrived at the hospital and headed to the family waiting area so I could meet the whole family and play with the (NEW) big sister! Have ever seen such gorgeous curls? I was melting from the cuteness of her big blue eyes and golden curls, and I hadn’t even spent time with the newborn yet!2017-01-28_0006

While Grandma and Grandpa took her for a walk around to burn some toddler energy, it gave me some time to take some photos with Mom and Dad. Is there anything sweeter than a Dad holding his tiny newborn baby?! 2017-01-28_00202017-01-28_0018The only thing that MAY be sweeter is Mom cuddling her new little man! Its a toss up. I can’t be asked make this decision!2017-01-28_00072017-01-28_0017The tiny feet, tiny hands, and tiny little faces are my favorite things to photograph at these sessions. I have two children who aren’t much out of the toddler years themselves, and it already seems impossible that they were ever this little. Time truly does go by all too quick. The details you swear you could never forget start to fade in your mind.2017-01-28_00132017-01-28_0005Once big sister came back from her walk (where she no doubt charmed the nursing staff) we took a few moments to get the family  together for their first photos of a family of FOUR! My favorite thing about these Fresh 48 sessions is that they are low pressure. There is no worry about perfect smiles, and coordinating outfits. They are relaxed, and are about just preserving the moment. Children have all types of reaction to the newest member of the family, and I love trying to imagine what they are thinking.2017-01-28_0021.jpg2017-01-28_0010Having unlimited ice cream from the nurses may be the 2nd best thing to having a new baby brother.2017-01-28_0015Some of my favorite images from these sessions are the ‘imperfect’ ones. The ones that show how Mom and Dad are learning to juggle another little person; and how although they may be tired and feel a little spread thin during those first few days and weeks, they are also finding out how their hearts are fuller than they ever could have thought possible. Thank you to the Ryan family for allowing me to photograph such a special time for you all.