Robinson Maternity

By Lynn

In the middle of July I met up with a good friend of mine and her husband to take some maternity photos. Haylie and I have worked together for about 4 years and became fast friends. We bonded over our love for ‘guilty pleasure’ television programming, take out pizza for lunch, and photography. She and I are pretty close, so I had known she was pregnant from very early on. We had talked about maternity photos in those very early days and I was SO excited the day to take these photos was finally here. Now Haylie, who was 37 weeks pregnant in the middle of a very hot summer, may not have been as excited! 🙂  We met up right outside our office building in this little area and took advantage of all the overgrowth and grass. We walked between a few spots for about 15 or 20 minutes and captured what I think is one of the most special times in a couples life. haylie7

When you are expecting a baby, especially your first, there is so much anticipation. So much excitement, and joy, and perhaps a tiny bit of fear, in the unknown. You can read the books, and buy all the ‘things’ but nothing can prepare you for the amazing life change a new life brings.

I think that is why I love maternity sessions so much. It is a way to preserve the quiet excitement that comes before all the chaos. Its a way to try and remember how you felt before your family became larger by one (or more!) 🙂 haylie3When I look back at these images we took a month before their little girl arrived I wonder if it seems as long ago to Haylie and Silas as it does to me. Their (ridiculously) adorable little girl  turned 6 months old last week and I can’t believe how fast time has flown! (Stop

growing Finley!) I hope that half a year later they still have as much joy looking at these pictures as I do, and remembering that quiet time in their lives before ‘two’ became ‘three’.  Thank you Robinson Family for allowing me to capture this special time for you!