Baby + Cake | Cake Smash Photoshoot

There’s something about babies and cakes that just go together. It’s like the marrying of two wonderful things, like peanut butter & jelly, or lemonade & a warm summer day. Add cake to babies and good things happen.

Cake smash 3

We typically photograph cake smashes as part of the one year photo session. Though I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to adding cake to any session.

cake smash 6

Our one year sessions start out quite normal. Baby. Family. Siblings. Adorable outfit changes. All the cuteness being captured while we make strange noises and have things fall off our heads. Good times.

Cake smash 1

Then, once the child has endured enough of our picture taking antics, then comes the reward.


They don’t see it coming, it just sort of appears in front of them.

Cake smash pink

And suddenly everything else in the room disappears. For a moment it’s just them and the cake.

cake smash 7

Once they taste it they typically look at mom and dad, for approval. Like, “this is awfully good and really really messy, can I just do this?”

cake smash 5

Mom and dad give affirmations and then it’s on like donkey kong.

Cake smash 4

Good times for everyone.

Cake smash 8

And if they brought a sibling who is drooling off to the sidelines, they sometimes get in on the action.

Cake smash 2

Because if you’re a partner in crime at home…

Cake smash dog.jpg

…well then, you should be a partner in cake too.

cake smash outside

Cakes and babies (and sometimes dogs). Making photography magic happen one birthday at a time.



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