Airplane Mini Sessions. The True Story.


The airplane mini session saga began last spring. One of our amazing clients made these really awesome cardboard planes and a knit aviator hat for us. Since then I’ve been dreaming of doing these airplane minis. Spring turned into summer, then fall..and well…the box planes became an obstacle in the storage area.

Until January when we began dreaming up our 4-month mini-series. The airplanes found themselves on our schedule for March. I ordered blue paper and Sarah fashioned some happy clouds. We were ready to go.

I missed our target date for these sessions because I hadn’t gotten a model in to try it all out. If I’m honest, I was just being lazy. Sarah suggested that I contact one of our clients who had recently been in for a newborn shoot. I dragged my feet..and then while I was on vacation she pushed me again and I finally reached out and set the date for today. I was in Puerto Rico at the time….with lots of fire and ambition. I texted Sarah that I’d like to have a second set, I envisioned paper airplanes hanging above the bed, but that was all I had.  .2 seconds later, Sarah texted me this:


I lOVED this set. I needed this to happen. The trouble is that I was far far away from the studio and a Hobby Lobby. But I had a few days to make it happen and Sarah was willing to help.

This morning Sarah texted me an “oh crap, today is your model shoot” – I was like “yeah, I am unprepared for the bed set”. I got to the studio and set up the airplanes & clouds and then I took a crack at the bed set. I knew it didn’t have all the elements of Sarah’s glorious sketch, but I thought I had the bones.


I texted a picture of it to Sarah. She responded:


Then. “don’t worry, we’ll get it set up”.
Don’t miss the key word: “we’ll”
By the time I texted her back she had already pulled a sign off her wall at home, turned it over and started painting the back of it white so she could create the sign you see in the photo below. When it comes to creative endeavors, this girl means business.
So I asked her what time she’d like me to meet her at the studio to put it all together. She tells me 2pm. Cool.
I showed up at 2pm and the entire set was created to perfection. She let me hang the mobile with her: 
^^ see how helpful I’m being? Documenting her genius.
Her son was with her and we had the best time flying the paper airplanes that they made together today.
I can’t wait to use this setup. I am in love with it.
Our airplane mini sessions are taking place this Saturday morning. We actually have 3 sets (the 3rd is a surprise..mostly because I forgot to take pictures of it today).
These sessions are $50 and then prints and digitals are sold separately. Email us to reserve your spot!