Furry Friends| Maine, NH Newborn Photographer

I had no idea that when I opened the door to greet my clients that one of them would be a furry, four legged friend wearing a T-shirt.  But I was delighted none the less!  Molly is a three year old Golden Retriever and she had my heart at hello because our first “child” was a beautiful Golden Retriever named Hunter.  I thought she was purposely brought along to get in the photos but no.  She had just had surgery and couldn’t be left alone.  I knew I’d get her in front of the camera anyway… Isn’t she just the sweeeeetest!?Leonardblog-9

But I digress.  There was a SUPER sleepy, squishy, most adorable baby boy involved too.  Oh he and  his sweet parents were a dream to photograph!  I simply adore allllll of the photos that came from that day! Leonardblog-8