Elite Athlete Photoshoot | Southern Maine Photographer

Three years ago I bought a bunch of smoke bombs with the desire to make some sweet smokey photographs. When they arrived, they were marked “explosive”, so I decided that I would just put them in my desk drawer for safe keeping. You may not know this about me, but I have an aversion to danger. Perhaps I watched too many Road Runner episodes when I was a kid, but I’ve seen what explosives can do to a Coyote, and I feared they might do that to me.CMSS_8573-EditFast forward to last week, my dear photographer friend Meg was in town to do one of her STRONG photoshoots (she was photographing our Lynn) and she had a vision for a night shoot with water. Somewhere between 10pm and midnight, while we were playing with the hose in my front yard, I remembered the smoke bombs..and was feeling the bravery that comes with having two other photographers and a hose handy. Safety first, people.

Elite Athlete 2017-35bIt turns out that smoke bombs aren’t actually scary..at all. And we made all kinds of magic happen that night. But since I wasn’t shooting, I was only helping, I had to make my own magic happen.La CroixC-4Two days later, my assistant Caleb, who happens to be an amazing athlete and soccer player, willingly stood out in the rain at 10pm to let me photograph him.La CroixC-5b I wish I could show you the behind the scenes footage of this shoot. It wasn’t just raining, it was POURING, I had plastic bags over my lights, my youngest daughter was under an umbrella with a hose, while my oldest daughter was sitting on my back, holding an umbrella over my camera. I was laying on the ground (in the dog poop region of my front yard), yelling instruction to Caleb, then we’d take a few shots and all run into the garage and look at the back of my camera and then devise a plan for the next shot. Then we’d all run back out to our positions and do it over again. Repeat. We were drenched. Like as though we had just been submerged underwater in our clothes, yet fully fueled by the excitement of the epic photos we were making.

La CroixC-10

The results made me swoon.

La CroixC-12They also made me want to offer these to everyone, because these are just beyond good.

Elite Athlete 2017-9They’re EPIC.

Elite Athlete 2017-1But first I called some friends to come play..11MSS_8916-EditAnd I swooned again.Elite Athlete 2017-29These sessions are for people of all ages, sizes, genres, hobbies, sports..

Elite Athlete 2017-22

Or anyone who wants to illustrate their badassery. You don’t even need to be an athlete.

Elite Athlete 2017-36

So we’re offering mini-sessions on Friday (tomorrow) evening. If you can’t make it tomorrow, my friend Meg is doing these sessions on Monday evening in Windham, ME and I’ll be there to help out.


You can sign up for our sessions on Friday 7/7 HERE.

You can sign up for Meg’s sessions on Monday 7/10 by contacting her, HERE.


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