Fashion Photography | Southern Maine

After taking a few months off from our fashion photography projects, we pulled together a sweet little fashion shoot at FUN-O-RAMA, a York Beach institution.

PLT July 2017 LR-22

I love the role serendipity plays in life, and this shoot was basically birthed by serendipity.

PLT July 2017 LR-9

PLT July 2017 LR-4

A few weeks ago Max Charles Salon reached out to me to do some photography work for them in the fall.

PLT July 2017 LR-5

In the meantime, had just I texted my fashion partner, Michelle at Pretty Little Things about doing a shoot before my season gets too crazy.

PLT July 2017 LR-22 EDIT

We had two weeks to pull a shoot together.

PLT July 2017 LR-21

In the meantime, I met with Missi at Max Charles about her fall project and while we were talking about editorial shoots, I mentioned that Michelle and I were pulling something together…like in a week.


Missi was ALL IN and 100% excited to be part of this arcade concept that Michelle had come up with.

PLT July 2017 LR-24

When we arrived at FUN-O-RAMA we met with the owner who was such a sweet woman with a huge heart. She was so gracious about letting us shoot in her arcade.

PLT July 2017 LR-8

…even when we asked if we could um…do..this:

PLT July 2017 LR-17

So gracious.

PLT July 2017 LR-16

Our models were fantastically gorgeous and incredibly talented and just a complete joy to work with.

PLT July 2017 LR-30

Everyone won. The photos are exactly what we had hoped they’d be.

What a fun way to start out a week. I wish every Monday morning went this smoothly!