Newborn Photography | Southern Maine

What do handlebar mustaches, gorgeous mamas, squishy big brothers and adorable babygirls all have in common?  The Roy family!  What fun it was to capture the newborn and family photographs for these dear people.  royblog-5Big brother was just a love, enamored with his baby sister (just look at him examining her little toes!) and so darn cute I just wanted to squeeze him!  Don’t you!?


Sweet baby sister was an absolute doll to work with.  It had been a loooooong, cold winter that just. kept. hanging. on. even though it was technically spring.  I remember feeling the deep need to create a beautiful spring blossom set up and I adore how this cherry blossom image came out.  I truly believe this played a large roll in actually ushering in spring 2017 😉royblog-9

Although I believe she did tire of my shenanigans near the end… royblog-4

And I couldn’t help but have a little more fun with Big bro in our airplane minis set up.  Nope, that fedora is not one of our props.  It’s his.  He brought it.  He loves it and it loves him!

I do it for the snuggles… (and the squeezable toddlers).


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