Adulting: 30th Birthday Cake Smash Photoshoot

Several weeks ago I got a phone call from a client…well, I should say, a client’s husband, cause let’s face it, most often the wives are in charge of all matters pertaining to photoshoots. He tentatively asked me if he could set up a “best friend photoshoot” ..and I was like sure, for Bella (their daughter)…”uh no, for my wife and her best friend”. I melted. He went on to explain that they were both turning 30 and it would mean a lot for them to be photographed together.
The day that shoot happened was pure magic. They had their hair and makeup done by The Crown and came up the stairs giggling and filled with pure joy.
Cooper4-3 EDIT
These busywalked in proclaiming how nice it was to come to a photoshoot without worrying about anyone else…no outfits to coordinate, bribes, runny noses to wipe…this was their moment.
Their excitement was so infectious and I was soaking it all in. We were filled with joy and smiling from ear to ear as we moved from set to set, making beautiful pictures together.
There is a bible verse that says, a friend sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24) – it was easy to see that these two had that kind of friendship. They are sisters, birthed by life and years and experiences together. And even though they’re separated by many miles, those miles are nothing compared to the love they have for one another.
After the shoot, I had a little surprise planned for them…
We lit 30 candles and giggled all the way through the rest of the photoshoot.
It was absolutely the best.
And if you don’t believe me, Lish wrote, “Turning 30….and embracing it! I have dreamed of a photo shoot with my bestie by the talented Erin Moore for a few years now. I thought what a way to bring in our 30’s! This was unlike any experience we have had together (and we have had a lot) – our amazing day started The Crown doing our hair and make up and we immediately were bffs with the lovely Christine and Jenn! Next we walked to Mercy Street Studio where Erin made us feel so comfortable the minute we walked in the door. The day to day cooking cleaning driving kids around wiping snotty noses and let’s be real butts to, serving and helping those I love was put on hold for that hour and through Erin’s vision and honestly her love I felt empowered strong confident and beautiful right along side best friend. I would tell ANY woman to go and have this experience even alone you will be changed for the better!! Thank you Erin for a gift that was more then pictures love you!!! AND s/o to our husbands who made sure our kids were taken care of so we could fully enjoy this experience!!”

2 thoughts on “Adulting: 30th Birthday Cake Smash Photoshoot

  1. I love this soooooo very much
    I would like to do this with my dear friend . We both have been through difficult times , her more so than I .
    What a beautiful thing you do recreating scenes as though I am there .
    I love your work .
    You may remember or not a few years ago when I knocked at your studio door and my dear friend presented you with an “Evie” card .
    Erin , you were so very kind and thankful .
    Thank you for bring wonderful memories that will last forever through your wonderfully and skilled ” magic” eyes .

    Karen Miller

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