Cake Smash Photoshoot | Seacoast NH

Turning one is pretty big news.


I was so excited when this little guy’s grandmom contacted me to set up his photoshoot.


It seemed like just yesterday that I was photographing his older sister’s big one year milestone, and now it was his turn!


His mom said he was the most smiley little guy ever…


And she was right!

She also mentioned that he was incredibly active.


Correct again.  I had this idea that I’d put both kids in the radio flyer wagon, but this little dude had other ideas. I kinda liked his better.


And his sister was also super smiley ..but in that stage where a nice big smile somehow translates to closing your eyes and sharing all your teeth.  My youngest had this same smile for about a year, I love ever single photo of her with her over smile….because eventually it will give way to a more refined, natural smile. Boo.


And mom even agreed to hop in a picture! (Moms existing in pictures is my life’s mission.)


Then grandmom pulled out a fantastic moustache background…and you know I have a drawerful of stick on moustaches at the studio, just waiting around for someone to bring a moustache backdrop.


And while keeping a stick-on moustache on a one-year old is quite challenging, enticing them with a cake is easy peasy.


Mom forewarned me that he “goes crazy over food” and that the cake should be out of sight until it was time.


It’s not that I didn’t believe her, but you know all kids like cake…


…but this WAS different.


This little guy tore into the cake with passion and determination, like I’ve never seen…


..and he wasn’t just playing with it.


He was EATING it. Like devouring it.


Eight minutes later there was nothing but the devastated remains, and one happy boy with a tummy full of confections.

Happy first birthday little man.

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