Erin’s Ultimate Senior Portrait Session |St Thomas High School

On the way to meet Erin and her mom at The Crown for her ultimate senior portrait session I stopped by my mom’s house. I can’t remember the exact nature of my visit, but I remember lamenting to my mom about my headache and general blahness that was making me feel more like laying down then embarking on a three hour photoshoot.

I left her house with a hug and found Erin and her mom at the studio. Immediately I was healed. I’m not kidding. In fact, in all the years I’ve been photographing people no matter what has gone on before the shoot, all symptoms seem to leave me the minute the camera starts clicking. It’s a phenomenon.

Erin brought in her glorious wardrobe, including her prom dress that she pulled out from under a mattress in her basement. It was wrinkled and hadn’t been loved in a while, likely since prom night. But she put it on and brought it back to life. She was stunning.


I’m sure you’ll agree.


Then we stepped outside the studio for a few sidewalk pictures before heading out on our way.


Erin’s and her mom giggled so much together, I loved being with them. They have a really sweet relationship, it’s so obvious that they truly enjoy each other’s company.



Their laughter was infectious and I feel like the three of us spent much of her session giggling. That’s a great way to spend three hours!


Erin is not only beautiful, but suuuuper photogenic and moves effortlessly in front of the camera. She was a dream to photograph, but also to be around. She’s sweet, funny, and adventurous.


Sweeney5-24Erin wanted some photos under the pier at Fort Foster, but unfortunately we were there at high tide, and the bottom of the pier was underwater.



We decided not to let a little ocean water stop us. We waded through the thigh-high water in our jeans to get our shots. Giggling all the way.  (And big props to my assistant Caleb, who rolled up his pants and waded with us.)


Then the real water shots. Erin changed into an off shoulder black dress and we planned out our water shots. The problem was that the waves were coming in fast and furious and our first attempt was ROUGH. We decided to walk down the rocky path (shoe-less) to see if we could find some calmer water.


And then magic happened.


This is one of my very favorite photographs I’ve taken all year. I’m in love with it. ^^


I left this shoot with my jeans wet up to my butt and sand caked between my toes, but totally energized and excited to rush home and upload the magic housed within my camera. It didn’t dawn on me that I had had a headache until the moment I sat in the car after the shoot.

I love that my job takes me to a place where I forget my aches and pains and completely lose track of time. I think that means I love what I do. I’m so grateful that you guys allow me to do this.


“These are AMAZING” – Kristen (Erin’s mom)

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