Newborns and Tie Dye | Southern Maine Newborn Photographer

I like unique.  If you come into the studio covered in awesome tattoos, rocking dreadlocks, toting a large dog behind you or throwing amazing tie dye blankets at me, I’m going to love you.  (But don’t worry.  If you’re totally bland, like myself, I’ll love you too!) There’s just something about things that are out of our “norm” (whatever “norm” is) that get my creative juices flowing.

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So when I learned (at the very end of the session) that Meredith is a tie dye artist… check her out HERE! … and she brought this amazing blanket, my eyes lit up.  The wheels started turning as I grabbed from our props and started piecing together the shot I wanted to get.  And wouldn’t you know it, these turned out to be my absolute favorite images from this awesome newborn photo session!

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Gorgeous Tie Dye blanket by: Soul Shine Maine

However, when you have a mom this great and a newborn that sleeps the ENTIRE time and is so chill he’s putty in your hands for posing, its pretty hard to get a bad shot and pretty hard to choose a favorite.  Here… you decide!


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It is such a privilege to be able to use photography to freeze this fleeting newborn stage of life.  I do it for that… and the snuggles 🙂