Grace’s Ultimate Senior Portrait Session | Maine Senior Photographer

Grace’s ultimate senior photoshoot was such an incredible and unique experience. Her mom was so truly thoughtful about the locations, there were many little stops (eight, but who’s counting), it made for one of the most memorable photoshoots, the kind that makes my heart feel warm as I remember it.


We started out in South Berwick, which made sense, not only because that’s where I picked Grace up from her Hair & Makeup appointment, but because Grace goes to High School at Berwick Academy, this is her downtown.


We ventured up 91 to her dad’s business, which was a total photography playground. Barn, tall flowers, and logs. Oh, and Grace was kind enough to have arrived earlier in the day to arrange a bunch of heavy tree trunks so that we could use them as a photography backdrop (above)…at least that’s what she told me.  hehe


And though the sunflowers weren’t an actual part of Grace’s “meaningful places” tour, she had this yellow dress, and all that gorgeous blonde hair ..and well…don’t you think it was worth a few minute diversion?


So we continued on. Grace spent a lot of time here as a kid. York Wild Kingdom. If you’re from this area, you know what’s up.


Oh the memories…


The next location was Grace’s grandmom’s house. Grace was super close to her grandmom, who had passed away in the spring. It was so special to have photographed Grace at her home, I feel like maybe she was smiling down on us.


The next few spots are places that Grace drives by every day…this is her ‘hood.


…and where she had her prom pictures taken last spring…


and more pictures from her hometown


I think when Grace goes away to college, she’ll look back at her senior pictures with a special fondness, not only thinking of the memories we made the night we made these photos, but the many memories she holds in her heart of the places pictured behind her.


Thank you, Grace, for sharing your special places with me. I loved photographing you. I loved your dry wit, and giggling with you and your mom. I loved how you were like superwoman, changing in your moms car between locations, hehe.

“These photographs are downright AMAZING! I love all of them:) It want them all plastered around my house because they make me smile:) (but that would be a bit excessive…don’t you think??)” – Lisa (Grace’s mom)

2 thoughts on “Grace’s Ultimate Senior Portrait Session | Maine Senior Photographer

  1. How beautiful. I made me tear up to count the years until this is Edy and Esther. Grace is beautiful.
    Did I see the Cape Neddick Lobster Pound in one background?
    Well doneErin!!

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