Fresh48 Session|Laplante Family

Well, its Lynn again here…only about ohhh…4 months late to blogging this sweet family’s Fresh48 newborn session. I can’t tell you how much I love photographing these… the excitement of getting the call that the baby is coming and then heading to the hospital to meet the newest member of the family never gets old for me! However, there are times where it just doesn’t work for me to actually make it to the hospital; sometimes the new parents just aren’t up to it in those first couple days or the turnaround that they are released in is too quick for us to make an appointment. Capturing those first few days and weeks doesn’t have to be done in the hospital though. For those families that still want those relaxed, documentary style photos we head to their homes for a Fresh48 session. I always emphasize that there should be no additional picking up or cleaning if I am headed your way! My goodness, if you saw my house most days you would know that I am NOT scared of toys scattered about, or dishes in the sink! I am not a guest in your home that you need to entertain but rather someone that is there to capture those early moments that get fuzzy and forgotten about as time wears on.

I headed to the home of my clients on a warm day in late June.  I was greeted as I got out of my car by two sweet little curly haired cuties, anxious to show off ‘their’ new baby! Soon enough these two were introducing me to their sister and showing me how they could hold her.2017-10-16_0001
It wasn’t easy, but we eventually convinced these two sweet girls to ‘let’ Mommy hold her so we could take some photos with all the family! 🙂 2017-10-16_0003

What I love about these family photos, is that they’re REAL. The big sisters checking out the baby, Mom and Dad are quietly explaining that they need to be gentle with the baby, but still letting them poke 🙂 and touch her. Thats real life! As a Mom I remember bringing home our youngest and wanting his (VERY EXCITED!) big sister to feel comfortable around the baby, but also knowing that toddlers don’t know their own strength! 2017-10-16_0004

Once we’d kept the two older girls in one spot for long enough we headed out into the living room to take a few photos of those sweet little details that you SWEAR you’ll never be able to forget! How your newborns fingers wrapped so tightly around your one finger, or how they fit perfectly in the crook of your arm. You can’t believe you’d ever forget…but sadly we often do.2017-10-16_00112017-10-16_0005

As I photographed this sweet little newborn I loved how her two sisters ran in and out of the room…alternating between interest in what I was doing, interest in their sister when she cried, and really just doing what kids do! Thats the wonderful thing about being in home for these sessions; they are surrounded by THEIR things, and feel comfortable coming in and out as they please.2017-10-16_00062017-10-16_0007

As I look at these pictures, I can’t believe that she’s already 4 months old! And if *I* think the time has flown by I am sure Mom and Dad do too! Why does time have to do that? How I wish we could invent a time machine that freezes the sweet moments that happen in our lives…the in between moments that you just want to soak up for a little longer before it passes! Well, until that time machine becomes a real thing (really, is anyone working on this?!)…I guess we will just have to rely on our photographs. ❤ Thank you to the LaPlante family for welcoming me into your home to capture this time for you…and letting me have a few baby snuggles 🙂2017-10-16_0002