Ten Days New | Maine Newborn Photographer

How can you NOT be in love with this beautiful head of hair!?  (Which you’ll see at the end that he gets from his Momma.)O'Neill-3

Or those little tosies peeking out?  (Yes.  Tosies is a word in my own personal newborn photographer vocabulary.  I use it quite liberally and it is pronounced “Tow-zees”)O'Neill-4O'Neill-5

Or those squish-able cheeks and that mushy little bottom lip!?


Or that smile!?  O'Neill-10

This handsome boy was just DELISH!

And just know, that Erin, Lynn and I won’t FORCE you to do anything.  But we will always STRONGLY encourage you Mommas to get in that picture.  At least one.  You are beautiful!  You won’t regret it.  And you’re children will cherish it in years to come!  These two are stunning!



sweet dreams sweet one!

I do it for the snuggles!