Bright Eyes | Posed Newborn Photography

This little guy was so alert and so awake for much of his session.  And his hair!  Oh, wait ’til you see his hair!  His numerous and varied expressions kept me entertained the whole time.  I was giggling and totally smitten!WallaceBLOG-1

When you look at these next, numerous sleepy shots you’ll think I was lying about the awake bit.  But let me let you in on a little secret… when they fall asleep… you work fast!  I don’t remember the total time he was sleeping but it was maybe 20 minutes or so.  Are you ready for the hair?  Here it comes… just look at him!WallaceBLOG-3WallaceBLOG-4WallaceBLOG-2WallaceBLOG-6

A little Red Sox action HAD to be thrown in as this couple was from Massachusetts and dad came to the studio wearing that navy cap with the red B one the front.  Like father like Son.WallaceBLOG-5

Aaaaand we’re awake again.  Who wrapped me up?  I can’t get my arms out.  Where are my arms?  Where am I and why am I wearing this bear hat?WallaceBLOG-7

And here’s the newly minted family of three.WallaceBLOG-8

We all got a kick out of this last one.  Rarely do I capture bloopers like these on camera.  They happen… all the time.  They just usually happen while I’m posing them and my camera is not in my hands.  But this one, we captured and they were stoked about that.  So, of course, it made it into the gallery 🙂WallaceBLOG-9

hehe.  I do it for the snuggles ~Sarah

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