Daddy’s Girls | Maine Newborn Photographer

I’m just going to go ahead and continue my celebrating love theme from last week.  This family was so sweet and special.  Watching the kind and gentle way they interacted with their children and each other brought me such joy.  BlogerBLOG-4

Sweet big sister moments.BlogerBLOG-1

Quiet mommy moments.BlogerBLOG-3

And special daddy-daughter bonding moments truly melted my heart.

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For sure we did some of her very own shots too.  After big sister played her awesome role in sibling and family shots, daddy took her on their way.  It felt like her momma and I had known each other forever as we just sat and chatted while I worked with this sweet baby girl. BlogerBLOG-2-2BlogerBLOG-4-2BlogerBLOG-5-2

What a privilege to be trusted to capture these fleeting moments and freeze them in time.  I do it for that…

…and the snuggles ~Sarah

Warm & Snuggly | Maine Newborn Photographer

Let’s make this a day to celebrate love of all kinds!  Parent and child, siblings, friends, and sweethearts alike.  Go tell someone they are loved!

This momma wrote that she likes warm colors… reds, oranges, pinks.  There couldn’t be a more perfect day to post this gallery that just radiates warmth and love!  I hope you’ll also be able to feel that as you scroll through these images.  Happy Valentines Day everyone!ToracintaBLOG-6

This little love was a big fan of being all wrapped and snuggly.  And I bet if you look REALLY hard for clues, you could even guess her name 😉ToracintaBLOG-5ToracintaBLOG-1-2ToracintaBLOG-1

Of course, she DID let us to a little posing with her and she’s just oh so sweet!ToracintaBLOG-3


I do it for the snuggles ~Sarah

Small Business Branding | The Flower Room, Dover NH Florist

Every time I walk to Flight for a latte I can’t help but smile as I walk past their happy little neighbor, The Flower Room. In February, when many of us are longing for daylight, warmth, and signs pointing towards summer, we’ll take any sliver of bright light we can get. And for me, the vibrant yellow storefront felt like a warm oasis in the middle of a cold, damp city, during a cold, damp month.FlowerRoom1-26

If you’re like me (latte-minded) maybe you haven’t taken the time to actually step into The Flower Room. Well all that changed last week and I’m here to report that stepping inside is everything. As in, it is all things.


I’m talking, one step inside and every one of our glorious God-given senses simultaneously fires up. The happy little bell (a real bell on a string, not a crappy electronic buzz), chimes, and while your ears are tingling from the joyous jingle, you find yourself completely immersed in a heavenly aroma. I haven’t been, but I’m guessing Heaven literally smells like one million flowers. That’s what’s going on in the air inside The Flower Room. It’s the smell of joy and harps playing.


The visual, oh it’s good. There are flowers of every shape size and color, everywhere. Familiar flowers and flowers you didn’t know existed, all lined up ready to bring you smiles for days.

I happened to have visited at the beginning of Valentines week, which is the floral equivalent of Santa’s workshop on December 22. Lots of happy faces working in the back area of the shop, stripping those pokey thorns off flowers so the rest of us don’t end up with unwanted piercings.


The shop is owned by Rebecca, an unassuming floral genius, who comes to work because she loves flowers and lives each day fulfilling her childhood dream of being surrounded by them. She was informed when she started out that she’d never be rich – not monetarily anyway. But she is surely rich in the right ways, the ways that matter: living out her dream.

While Rebecca provides flowers for all the fun holidays, proms, and weddings, she shared that one of her greatest joys is providing sympathy floral arrangements. Providing comfort to those who are hurting, through her floral design is her greatest reward.


So the next time you walk down Central Ave, I invite you, I dare you, to open the door of The Flower Room. Be greeted by the bell, the flowers, and the aroma of happiness. In that moment you’ll remember what summer feels like and you’ll experience the assurance that things are going to be A-Ok. We’ll get through the the winter and spring just fine. Next stop: June. We got this.


And buy yourself a flower. For goodness sake, buy one for a friend too. You’ll both experience joy and smiles for days. I’ve never given a flower to someone without the reward of their joy and gratitude.

xo Erin



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Baby Girl | Maine Newborn Photographer

This sweet couple brought their 9+ pound bundle of newborn baby girl sweetness to me and I couldn’t have been happier.  She was another one that wanted to look at me a lot.  And with those blue eyes… that she gets from her daddy… I was totally o.k. with it 🙂MacLeodBLOG-1

Of course, she did doze a bit, as they all do.  MacLeodBLOG-2MacLeodBLOG-3

This sort of eye contact with babies in the first few weeks of life is not the norm.  And yet, I’ve had a lot of it lately.  I just love it.  It’s intriguing and so extra special.MacLeodBLOG-4

Here comes the baby bear 🙂MacLeodBLOG-5

Love these shots of her sweet family.  Look at daddy all dressed to match!MacLeodBLOG-9MacLeodBLOG-8MacLeodBLOG-7

I do it for the snuggles ~Sarah