Warm & Snuggly | Maine Newborn Photographer

Let’s make this a day to celebrate love of all kinds!  Parent and child, siblings, friends, and sweethearts alike.  Go tell someone they are loved!

This momma wrote that she likes warm colors… reds, oranges, pinks.  There couldn’t be a more perfect day to post this gallery that just radiates warmth and love!  I hope you’ll also be able to feel that as you scroll through these images.  Happy Valentines Day everyone!ToracintaBLOG-6

This little love was a big fan of being all wrapped and snuggly.  And I bet if you look REALLY hard for clues, you could even guess her name 😉ToracintaBLOG-5ToracintaBLOG-1-2ToracintaBLOG-1

Of course, she DID let us to a little posing with her and she’s just oh so sweet!ToracintaBLOG-3


I do it for the snuggles ~Sarah