Daddy’s Girls | Maine Newborn Photographer

I’m just going to go ahead and continue my celebrating love theme from last week.  This family was so sweet and special.  Watching the kind and gentle way they interacted with their children and each other brought me such joy.  BlogerBLOG-4

Sweet big sister moments.BlogerBLOG-1

Quiet mommy moments.BlogerBLOG-3

And special daddy-daughter bonding moments truly melted my heart.

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For sure we did some of her very own shots too.  After big sister played her awesome role in sibling and family shots, daddy took her on their way.  It felt like her momma and I had known each other forever as we just sat and chatted while I worked with this sweet baby girl. BlogerBLOG-2-2BlogerBLOG-4-2BlogerBLOG-5-2

What a privilege to be trusted to capture these fleeting moments and freeze them in time.  I do it for that…

…and the snuggles ~Sarah