Sometimes the photo isn’t for YOU…

By Lynn

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing two families, that were having sessions to be able to give Grandma photos for Mothers Day as a surprise. When I sat down to edit these sessions I couldn’t help but smile thinking about the sweet surprise that these two Grandmothers were in for.

As a photographer, I know how important taking pictures is. But as a Mom, I’ve learned its value is more than I could ever have dreamed. Anyone who is around small children knows how FAST time flies, and how quickly they grow. A picture, allows you to freeze a moment in time, and look back later and recall things that may have slipped your mind over time.

If you’ve had a session with me, you know I always try to get just Mom (and just Dad 🙂 into a photo with the children. Sometimes its met with hesitation and I totally get it! Having a camera focus on a smaller group makes us feel insecure sometimes. But I try to remind Mom that a photo of you alone with your children isn’t necessarily for YOU; often its for your kids. So they can look at a photo years later and see MOM with them…holding their hands, or using her lap to corral them. (maybe thats just MY children that think I am a chair and prefer to sit ON me! 🙂

I started thinking about all the Mothers, that I have photographed with their children. Small children, grown kids who have their OWN kids, Moms who are still carrying their children in their bellies, or their hearts and their memories. My own Mom passed away when she was 49 and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have a handful of photos of her and I to show my kids as they never were able to meet her.

Below are some of the beautiful ladies I was able to photograph with their children. (and a few 3 generation photos!)  These are just SOME of the women who allowed me to freeze a moment in time with their babies (big and small). Thank you to all the women who allow me to photograph you with the people you love…Thank you for saying ‘Yes!’ when I ask, even if you’re somewhat reluctant. 🙂 I don’t want to speak on behalf of ALL these ladies–but I have a hard time believing that anyone of them regrets having had a photo of her with her children taken. 🙂 Looking at all these images together gives me ALL the feels…all of them. Happy Early Mothers Day to you all!

PS Full disclosure there is ONE photo in this collage that I didn’t take; Erin did…and its of me and my own children! 🙂



Maine Newborn Twins | Photography

I love the opportunity to photograph twins.  Whether they are paternal twins or fraternal twins, it always brings me such joy to learn their individual personalities over the course of the photography session. BerounskyBlog-6

Its my goal to be able to tell them apart by the end of the session and, knock on wood, I haven’t failed yet.  These two beautiful girls are fraternal twins and it was such a joy and privilege to photograph them, their older brother and sweet mom and dad!


Are you beginning to be able to tell them apart?  As any twin will tell you, they are their own person.  I always incorporate individual images of each baby whenever I have a twin newborn session.

Dad’s protective arms had no problem holding both girls safe and sound.BerounskyBlog-4

And here is their sweet and fun mama!BerounskyBlog-5


Big brother is only 20 months old.  He is such a fun, joyous love of a child!BerounskyBlog-2

He has a thing for cars and trucks.  So, of course, I had to grab an image or two to capture that.BerounskyBlog-12

I do it for the snuggles.  ~Sarah

Seacoast NH Dance Photography

I took two trips in March, which meant I spent half the month not taking pictures. (Yes, I don’t bring my camera on trips..because..well…vacation). However, I do spend a lot of travel and down time taking online training classes and daydreaming about pictures I’d like to make. MaxCharlesLR-9

The brain is funny, it doesn’t seem to have an “out of office” mode.


When I came home I immediate started texting people about doing some creative photography. And then my friend Julie (Julie Freitas Photography), contacted me about photographing a dancer because she was itching to do some dance photography and knew I’d be down.


Because I was in ultra-creative mode when she contacted me, I jumped right on it and planned an editorial style shoot before really asking her what her vision was. Oops. Once I planned the editorial shoot with my girls at Max Charles, I realized that Julie wanted to do more traditional ballet pictures.

So..two shoots. The more dancers the merrier as far as I’m concerned.


This beautiful ballerina came up from Massachusetts on a school day (sacrificing her first lacrosse game), spent an hour with hair and makeup, and then came to the studio for pictures. (Oh, and the rainbow scarves? Those were given to me that morning as a gift by an aspiring photographer! What amazing timing?!)


That April morning we woke up to flurries and the idea for the “Spring in New England” was birthed.


After we photographed her dancing and leaping I sat her down for a portrait. I can’t tell you how much this portrait means to me. I adore it.


A few weeks later we had a second ballerina in the studio. This time my friend Julie came up to shoot, and our own Sarah joined in on the fun as well. Since they are both newborn photographers, shooting someone leaping and dancing was a new challenge!


Iona is a ballerina from NH and she was full of grace and adventure.


So much so that we tossed one of our maternity gowns on her and draped on of our crazy fake tutus around her and stood in awe of how magical she made it all come together.

Ballerinas are magical.

Southern Maine Newborn Photographer|Little Brother

This sweet little boy came along and completed this family that is equally as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.PoulinBlog-6

These doting big sisters sure did make my job easy! PoulinBlog-2


Of course mom and dad are just as smitten.  And dad, who was really hoping for a boy, will now have a little more testosterone in the home 🙂



This little guy is already taking cues from his family and knows how to be the perfect photography subject.  All 9+ pounds of him were sleepy, squishy, adorable goodness!  I just love this close up of his adorable baby rolls!PoulinBlog-11


He blessed us with some smiles too!PoulinBlog-12PoulinBlog-8PoulinBlog-9

I think his fabulous head of hair looks like he’s already had a very stylish first little boy cut!  But nope.  He just came out that perfect!PoulinBlog-13

I do it for the snuggles  ~Sarah


Maine Newborn Photography|Cousins

Some of our favorite clients gave us the best surprise this year.  They are sisters-in-law and had their babies one day apart!  When they approached us with the idea to do some photographs of the babies together, we were game!  And here is some of the resulting magic! CantwellBlog-4


And, of course, we also did individual newborn portraits for each sweet bundle and his family.  CantwellBlog-6

I couldn’t resist getting some individual images of adorable big brother and sister at the end.  Theirs smiles are just the best!



Amanda told me her she loves the color green on her little man and I already had this set up waiting to go!  It was meant to be and I just adore the images that resulted!


I do it for the snuggles    ~Sarah