A Fathers Day Thank you.

Ahhhhh…..the Dads. I wanted to take a minute today and thank all the Dads I have photographed over my years with Mercy Street Studio. Going through these photos was so much fun. I love seeing families year after year; how one year there will be one child in Dads arms, and then the next year the family has grown! I’ve been lucky to photograph Dads with newborns and adult children and everything in between.

Heres the thing, a lot (ALOT) of the time Dads do not enjoy being photographed.  That probably will not come as a surprise to anyone 🙂 But heres the other thing–I GET it! I KNOW you aren’t super pumped to have rushed around, probably been told what to wear :), try to corral kids AND keep them clean, all for the sake of a photo. When a Dad shows up and does his best to have a good time regardless of their true excitement level, it makes me so happy! The kids feel the energy of Dad having fun, and Mom is able to relax knowing she doesn’t have to remind her partner to ‘Please smile!’ (happy wife, happy life or something like that, right?)

When you come to a session with me, I do my best to be quick, but keep it easy and relaxed. We will do a few ‘look at the camera’ photos that every one needs, but then we move on from that! If you want to just hang out with the kids doing what you do, I LOVE to photograph that. If you are THE BEST at tossing your munchkin in the air, photographing that is my jam! Let them show you the leaves they pick up off the ground, hold their hands end explore…all those things deserve to be photographed too!

One of the best things a Dad can say to me once we are finished and are walking to the cars, is ‘that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be’. Music to my ears!!! 🙂 So thank you to all the Dads who show up and smile! I cannot guarantee you will enjoy having photos taken, but I can guarantee I will do my absolute best to make the experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.  Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, and Father figures out there!2018-06-16_0006.jpg