Maine Newborn Photographer | Hiking Edition

mallette blog-4You guys!  I kid you not!  This Labor Day, my husband, two children and I headed to Mt. Major to hike (along with one gagillion others).  We’re headed up the trail when I see this dad headed down, carrying a very young baby in a front pack.  He’s got his earbuds in and the baby is sound asleep.  “Aww. That’s a great dad,” I think to myself.  Then I watch him come closer and as he’s almost passing us, I’m POSITIVE I recognize him.  I KNOW I’ve photographed him, his wife and little guy.  And because I love fun connections like this (or possibly because I’m bold and socially awkward) I reach out and touch him on his shoulder to get his attention.  At this point he probably thinks I’m a crazy lady but then I say, “I think I photographed you and your little one!”  (I’m praying that I’m correct and that he remembers me and doesn’t just give me some weird blank stare.)  And he does!  “Yes, you certainly did!”  He answered.  Then we had a fun little chat about his little guy and his wife off working her shift.  I just love moments like that!  Well, here is this sweet little mo-hawk man and his awesome parents!mallette blog-3


mallette blog-5

mallette blog-6

mallette blog-8


Newborn Studio Photography|Fur Babies Included

BOTH of my children are in school full time for the FIRST time in my life.  BOTH.  FULL TIME.  It’s still sinking in.

Can any other moms relate to trying to juggle work  and secure great childcare?  Working late into the night once the kiddos are in bed in order to give them enriching experiences and quality time during the day?  I know you can!  I absolutely adore what I do and it feels amazing to get to live my passion and have it also be my job!  But let me just tell you, this last week of having 6 hours a day to schedule shoots, edit, blog, write thank-yous, do expenses etc… has been nothing short of LIFE ALTERING.  I know some Mommas out there know what I’m talkin’ about!!  That being said, buckle up and get ready for tons and tons of pictures of squishy, delicious, adorable baby cuteness ahead as I catch up on posting my shoots from… ummm… the spring onward!  It’s going to be AWESOME!

Doesn’t motherhood look stunning on this mom?  Honestly, I think motherhood looks stunning on every mother that walks through our doors.  Its my honor and privilege to guide each one in front of the camera to be able to fully capture that and freeze that amazing new bond in time.allen blog-11

This sweet, fun, funky couple was such a joy to work with.  While they welcomed their first child into their family, they have two fur babies that have been a part of their family for many years before.  They brought them along to be photographed with their baby brother during his newborn studio photo shoot!  I am very much a dog (or really any kind of animal) person and LOVE when you bring your sweet fur babies along!

allen blog-9

This little guy is so blessed with a sweet, attentive and smitten father.  The connection between them truly shines through in this image.

allen blog-13

allen blog-12

By now it’s clear to see this little man has inherited some pretty great genes 🙂  So here are just a handful of the wonderful images captured in his newborn photos.

allen blog-8

allen blog-10

allen blog-6

I do it for the snuggles