Lauren’s Story | Thyroid Cancer

“In March of 2018 I began seeing an allergist. She was very thorough and during an exam she asked if I knew I had a lump on my thyroid.MSS_8957-PINKEditb

I wasn’t aware of it so she asked that I follow up with my primary care doctor. After blood work and an ultrasound it was confirmed there a was a nodule on the left side of my thyroid. I saw a specialist who did a biopsy that came back only 60-70% suspicious for papillary carcinoma. 

The only way to be sure if it was fully cancer or not, was to remove my thyroid. My surgeon was so confident that it would be negative that he decided at the last minute to only take the left side of my thyroid out. On 7/10 I completed the surgery. Recovery was hard and the scar was difficult to look past. At my follow up appointment it was confirmed that it was positive for cancer and I would have to have another surgery to get the remaining right side of my thyroid removed. Before surgery I had to have a CT scan done and during that, they found nodules on my lungs and my liver. I met with a lung surgeon who said getting a biopsy on my lung would be a full and complex surgery so that it to be monitored for change in 4 months.

MSS_8997bOn 9/4 I completed my thyroid removal and had the second surgery done. Recovery was a lot better this time!


My next steps are getting my body regulated to not having a thyroid and discussing radiation for next year. The scar is healing well and although it is still hard to look at I am confident in my journey and happy to spread awareness about thyroid cancer through the questions about my

Photography: Mercy Street Studio Hair: Shayla Husson Makeup: Gemma Dyer- Hair and MUA Wardrobe: Lilly Ann Boutique

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