Janousek Fresh 48 | Seacoast NH Fresh 48 Photographer

I know I have said it before but when I am waiting for one of our Fresh 48 babies to be born, I basically check my calendar and phone every half hour to be sure I haven’t missed a call or text that the big day has arrived. Every now and then there is a baby that likes to make me wait…well me AND their parents of course! 🙂 This little lady took her sweet time coming into the world and I was so excited to get the text that she had arrived nearly a week after her due date. Her parents remarked more than once during our time together  that she was worth the wait, and I think we all can agree they are correct!2019-05-18_00142019-05-23_0001

This little lady was the sleepiest baby I have met! I think she yawned probably 6 times…WHILE she was sleeping! And if she did manage to open her eyes for a minute, it wasn’t long before she was peacefully snoozing again. Because she was so sleepy I got to photograph all her tiny features.2019-05-18_00062019-05-18_0005I asked Mom and Dad to tell me the story leading up to her birth…am I the only one who LOVES labor and birth stories? They shared with me that Mom had been feeling contractions for a couple days and when she was finally went to be checked they immediately admitted her to the hospital! She hadn’t realized HOW far along in the process she was since this was her first baby and she was unsure of what to expect. Are women amazing or what?! She told me how things had progressed and that she eventually needed a c-section. I empathized at how it must have been hard to labor all that time and have it end that way, and she was so pragmatic about it; she simply said “it was all worth it now that she’s here.” As a c-section Mom myself, I love her outlook on that.


Those adoring looks from Mom and Dad weren’t for my benefit..I had to ask them a few times to NOT look at the baby and look at me. Thats what happens when you have the sweetest little bundle in your arms; you cant look away!2019-05-18_0011.jpg2019-05-18_0003.jpgScreen Shot EM EDITNot only did I get to photograph this new family on Mothers Day weekend, but I happened to be photographing these new parents on their wedding anniversary! That gave me an excuse to use  their rings on the those teeny baby toes…because I will use any excuse to stare at teeny baby toes!2019-05-25_0001

I m so thankful I was able to meet this family and take their first family photos. It is such an honor to be invited into these first sweet moments. And this little lady reminded me that being so cute was very tiring with one more might yawn before I left 🙂2019-05-18_0001.jpg