Southern Maine Newborn Photographer|Little Brother

This sweet little boy came along and completed this family that is equally as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.PoulinBlog-6

These doting big sisters sure did make my job easy! PoulinBlog-2


Of course mom and dad are just as smitten.  And dad, who was really hoping for a boy, will now have a little more testosterone in the home 🙂



This little guy is already taking cues from his family and knows how to be the perfect photography subject.  All 9+ pounds of him were sleepy, squishy, adorable goodness!  I just love this close up of his adorable baby rolls!PoulinBlog-11


He blessed us with some smiles too!PoulinBlog-12PoulinBlog-8PoulinBlog-9

I think his fabulous head of hair looks like he’s already had a very stylish first little boy cut!  But nope.  He just came out that perfect!PoulinBlog-13

I do it for the snuggles  ~Sarah


Maine Newborn Photography|Cousins

Some of our favorite clients gave us the best surprise this year.  They are sisters-in-law and had their babies one day apart!  When they approached us with the idea to do some photographs of the babies together, we were game!  And here is some of the resulting magic! CantwellBlog-4


And, of course, we also did individual newborn portraits for each sweet bundle and his family.  CantwellBlog-6

I couldn’t resist getting some individual images of adorable big brother and sister at the end.  Theirs smiles are just the best!



Amanda told me her she loves the color green on her little man and I already had this set up waiting to go!  It was meant to be and I just adore the images that resulted!


I do it for the snuggles    ~Sarah

Daddy’s Girls | Maine Newborn Photographer

I’m just going to go ahead and continue my celebrating love theme from last week.  This family was so sweet and special.  Watching the kind and gentle way they interacted with their children and each other brought me such joy.  BlogerBLOG-4

Sweet big sister moments.BlogerBLOG-1

Quiet mommy moments.BlogerBLOG-3

And special daddy-daughter bonding moments truly melted my heart.

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For sure we did some of her very own shots too.  After big sister played her awesome role in sibling and family shots, daddy took her on their way.  It felt like her momma and I had known each other forever as we just sat and chatted while I worked with this sweet baby girl. BlogerBLOG-2-2BlogerBLOG-4-2BlogerBLOG-5-2

What a privilege to be trusted to capture these fleeting moments and freeze them in time.  I do it for that…

…and the snuggles ~Sarah

NewCastle NH Family Photoshoot |Chacon Family

Happy Fall Y’all! Isn’t that what they say down south? It sure feels like were living in the south lately with these warm sunny days we’ve been enjoying! Its Lynn here putting up a quick blog post to help me soak in a little sunshine from a sun filled family session. On this rainy dreary day, I needed a little does of sun.

I met up with this sweet family one day mid September. As was the way this fall just seemed to go we had a gorgeous night to head to one of my favorite little spots out on New Castle.  This little lady had the most infectious giggle! And can we talk about her adorable Unicorn dress?! I think we all could benefit from owning a dress like that…how can you not smile when you are wearing a dress with a rainbow unicorn on it! 2017-10-25_0001If you’ve ever had me take your photos you know I love trying to get a couple with kids and JUST Mom, and then kids and JUST Dad. I think its great how kids react differently sometimes when they are sitting with one parent or the other. Im also wondering if we need to start holding  a contest when I take these pictures to see who can get kiddos laughing more–Mom or Dad?2017-10-25_0004

Dad really got this little lady going!I don’t know what silly jokes he was whispering but it sure got her laughing. Buuuuttt Mom had her cracking up pretty good too!2017-10-25_0003

Ok I will just call this one a tie! 🙂 Although truth be told, this smily girl didn’t need ANY help in that department. I am not sure there was a second we were together that she WASNT smiling. Maybe its the unicorn dress!!! 🙂2017-10-25_0005

We had a special treat on this beautiful night; Grandma was in town from Illinois and we got to photograph her with her daughter and granddaughter. I don’t know about you, but generational photos are so special to me. 2017-10-25_00022017-10-25_0006

I hope that this little (BIG) dose of sunshine and silly smiles did something to make your humpday go by little faster. Thank you to the Chacon family for spending some time with me and allowing me to freeze time with you for an hour. 🙂2017-10-25_0007

Mason | Maine Newborn Photographer


mchenry-blog-15Courtney and I grew up in the same small town, went to the same schools, and played soccer together for more years than I can count.  I’m still not sure how we’re old enough to be moms…. of multiple children, have husbands and homes and careers that we’re passionate about.  But we are.  And we do.  I was so blessed to get the chance to photograph her beautiful family.


Maybe it’s because her children were, like, the best behaved children I’ve ever encountered.  Maybe there was HEAVY coaching that happened beforehand that I don’t know about.  Or maybe it’s just because Ted and Courtney are beautiful people inside and out that make beautiful babies inside and out… but I really couldn’t find a bad picture in ALL my shots.  Narrowing it down is always hard for me but this time it was darn near impossible.  You see what I mean?